Conquest Roadmap, December 27

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Conquest Roadmap, December 27

Postby void on 24 Jan 2011, 19:34

Here is a list of some major changes planned for the future; entries are sorted by priority (highest first), might change at any point, and can be influenced by everyone via feedback. Also, don't be surprised if we squeeze in unannounced stuff or nothing at all.

  • Make world climate a player setting
    Players should be able to always play on the climate they enjoy most, even in multiplayer. Very easy to do.

  • LAN / WAN play via direct connect
    Pretty easy to do, and with our dreams of a massive Conquest online community shattered (for now!), no reason not to bring it back.

  • Play-by-email
    Or similar functionality which does not require players to be online at the same time to play.

  • Improved singleplayer experience
    Most people actually play the game in singleplayer, so we have to make it more worthwhile in that aspect. New mission objectives and different AI difficulty levels should accomplish that.

  • Improved unit management
    Drag&Drop with Ctrl pressed will build a travel path for newly received units, making it more comfortable to play on larger maps. Also, holding Shift will allow to group select/move units.

  • Space ships for the main menu
    Our artist made some great space ships to fly towards the planet in the main menu screen. I'd like to get that in as a celebration update at one point or the other!

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