Intuitive, Deep and Balanced Tactical Gameplay

  • Streamlined unit, operation and terrain mechanics make for easy to understand, intuitive gameplay.
  • Studying a manual is not necessary as all important information is displayed on the fly.
  • The refined production and battle algorithms take care of things getting too simple and offer a challenge even for hardcore players. Combine units together for interesting effects.

Simultaneously Executed

  • Unique phase-based (We-Go) tactical gameplay. Turns are seperate into two distinct phases: decision and execution. The decision phase occurs at the same time for everyone, so there is little wait for anyone to finish.
  • In the execution phase, all players' decisions are put into action adding a layer of depth an uncertainty. “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” – Sun Tzu
  • No needless management; fully focus on commanding your troops.

Randomly Generated Maps

  • Endless replayability with each match requiring different strategies and bringing you a new experience.
  • Conquer beautiful arctic, desert, and tropical worlds.

Competitive and Cooperative Online Play

  • Play online against your friends, with your friends, or participate in ladder and tournament matches.
  • Experience unprecedented mind games in competitive play. No random rolls that will hinder your superiority.
  • Advance in rank and collect achievements.
  • Track your statistics.


  • Designed for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (system requirements).
  • Purchase once and play on the operating system of your choice.

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